Mustafa Güler

After graduating in History, Mustafa Güler started his career as an educationist/pedagogue and served between 1994 - 2015 in International Schools in Siberia, Nigeria, England , Latvia , Sweden and Cambodia. Back in Turkey after 2015, he worked as the General President of the Trade Union "Pak Finans İş" until its closure with the State of Emergency Decree Nr. 667 . He was discharged of his duties 23.07.2016, as a result of the Turkish Governments purge against all its political opponents. He volunteered and contributed to the establishment of several NGOs in the above mentioned countries. He is currently living in Finland and is the Chairman of the Together Platform.

Fikret Bülbül
Member of Board

After graduating from the Department of Turkish Teaching in 2005, he taught Turkish at Fatih College between 2005 and 2012. In 2012, he started to work as a civil servant teacher at a public school under the Ministry of National Education. While working as a civil servant, he opened and operated 4 preschools in the private sector. He has volunteered at various charities since his university life. He was dismissed on 29.10.2016 with a decree law No. 665 issued by the Government in 2016. The Turkish government started liquidation against its political opponents. After that he had to leave the country for not having the opportunity to work somewhere in Turkey. He came to Finland. Now lives in Finland.