Concert With the Theme of “Living Together”

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People from diverse cultures and nationalities gathered in Finland on June 20, World Refugee Day, led by the Together Platform and Harmony Art of FinPolar Association.

Mexican, Syrian, Finnish, Peruvian, Turkish, Ugandan and Iraqi artists performed at the concert, which brought more than 200 people together in the spirit of friendship and fellowship of various cultures and nations.

The event, which featured musical performances from different cultures, attracted great interest. The beauty of the concept of living together in harmony in despite of differences was presented.

The musicians representing the Turkish culture performed with baglama and qanun and were listened to with much interest.

The concert, which was enriched with music recitals such as oud, piano, cello, viola, guitar, violin, qanun and baglama, lasted for 2 hours.

Under the leadership of Together Platform, the beauty of living together was projected in the program held on June 20, World Refugee Day.

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