Give My Hometown Back to Me

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Give my hometown back to me
A bunch of hope flowers;
Violets, tulips, roses
Chirping nightingales
Don’t let my soul lack
From glittering four seasons,

Give my hometown back to me
For lives, deprived of blue
For the agonies inside me, scattering like a glue
Let the songs and ballads echo
And let the eyes wait through

Give my hometown back to me
What have disappeared in its cities!
Toppled, all the things that remained from goodness
Hearts have already abandoned faithfulness
It has been a lost love in grove of cypress

Give my hometown back to me
No more shining looks, nor warm hearts
Hemlock is what
Unaware of affection and mercy
Rages increased
After all, bitter, sadness, grief remained.

Give my hometown back to me
I should get strong with yearning
Sipping the bitter like a cup of tea
Each day, I should grow inside me
Even if my beloved ones become stranger
With my broken heart
I should defeat me
One day, one morning

Give my hometown back to me
At the dark earlock of the night
Let the bitter deepen more
Good news waiting at the heaven
Let it last more
Patience just as a lace
For the dawn it will suddenly come up
We already devoted our life
Even if our hearts are broken so rough
We never give up

Yaşar Becene

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