Lament of Oppressed

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Some are outside, some are still prisoner
Some, afterlife, will reunion
Some have days to suffer
Outcries of oppressed are knocking on heaven

Who is that coming from the desert; Joseph or Moses?
What is happening to us? How long times?
Is this Jacob’s lament groaning with pain?
All were lived, nothing was in vain.

Josephs are in well, Moses is in sea
How rough and arduous was Aqaba hill
Pharaoh drowned at the red sea
He is suffering still; he had drowned, thought we

One man asked people about Jesus
“Barabbas” was the sense of community
Innocents are still waiting for mercy
Tyrant’s crucifix was deemed suitable for Christ’s body

Time flows despite all agonies
To the days where words will fail
When the ultimate end comes, the council arises
To pay tyrants back and ensure innocents, safely, sail.

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