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They are our mothers, wives, siblings, friends. They are our means of existence.
They are our partners, the direct addressee of the problems in the world.
They are TRANSPARENT HEROES that do not hesitate to give their lives to their offspring.
They are our first teachers. They are our laborers, cooks, tailors, doctors … our common stakeholder, who is present at every stage and stage of life, our friend of destiny ……….
And they are our first assets that need to be crowned. They are WOMEN.
Unfortunately, women are deprived of even the most basic human rights, let alone being crowned in many parts of the world.
Their most basic rights are taken away, they are imprisoned, they are separated from their loved ones, They live all kinds of abuse, They are subjected to all kinds of violence, they are brutally murdered by their closest relatives.
While these violations are experienced, those who are in power play the role of RIGHT BLIND AND LANGUAGE.
We invite you to make EMPATHY, on the occasion of 8 March International Women’s Day. Turkey and to hear the women’s rights violations throughout the world to get a day and we invite you to feel.
We are trying to hear them. We are trying to be their voice. But, maybe we cannot be their voice enough, we can not make their voice heard.
Let us be the voice of these silent screams, we hereby say be our voice.
We want to say stop to the violations of women’s rights in Turkey. We look forward to your support to help all women get their rights. We are waiting for your reply to find out what we can do together.
We celebrate the Women’s Day of all our women and greet them with respect

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