We Celebrated World Teachers’ Day in Different Cities in Finland

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In its most common sense, education is considered an investment in human capital. Education is the development of a person’s emotional, physical and mental abilities at the highest level.
Education is the most important factor that provides individual and social development by improving the abilities of people, supporting economic development, and helping transfer cultural values to future generations.

In today’s new world order, where everything is changing rapidly and technology is advancing rapidly, the only way to be among the developed countries is through knowledge and education.

Today, the impact of education on human life, the environment, and both individual and social welfare and peace has special importance.
“Impact on people” Education is at the centre of both personal and social development. Education aims to develop a person’s abilities to the full.

“Environmental impact” education is an important factor in the change needed to create eco-friendly societies. Making peace with nature is the most important task of our century. Environmental problems are at a global level and pose a danger to all humanity. And the threat is not only for humans, but also negatively affects all living and non-living beings. Global warming is the biggest problem among the current problems, and it carries various risks for future generations.

“Impact on individual and social welfare” Education is considered one of the most effective means of development. Therefore, the most valuable investment is the investment for building the future. Education leads to an increase in personal income, a fair distribution of income and an increase in employment. And thus, it plays an active role in increasing the welfare level and quality of life of people.

Teachers are the most essential element of the education system. And teaching is the most critical profession in human history. Thanks to the teacher, people acquire knowledge, learn about the civilization and develop their skills. The most basic measure of the development level of nations is understood by the value they give to teachers and education. The teacher has a positive effect on the solution of individual and social problems. The teacher discovers the hidden talents of his students and provides them with support in this area. He also guides the development of his student’s strengths. Thus, it brings talented and productive individuals to society. In addition, the teacher teaches his students to think critically, acquire knowledge, cooperate and take part in solving problems by making the right decisions in difficult situations.

Why is Teacher’s Day celebrated?

Today, October 5th is World Teachers’ Day. In many countries, since 1994, the 5th of October has been celebrated as Teachers’ Day every year, on the advice of UNESCO.

On Teachers’ Day, the importance of education and training in the changing and developing world is remembered again. Teachers who practice education and training come together to share their experiences and celebrate their achievements.
For this reason, teachers’ day is to honour those who practice the teaching profession; to re-emphasize the teaching profession, the place and importance of the teacher in society, to increase its prestige; to strengthen the bonds of love, respect and solidarity among teachers; support newcomers to the profession; It is a celebration day where various activities are organized to commemorate retired teachers with respect.

Why are we doing this Teacher’s Day program together?

Every year, tousands of teachers have to leave their country for different reasons and immigrate to other countries. Unfortunately, in his new life that started with immigration, he either completely loses his profession or cannot do it for a certain period of time.

Integration into their country of residence due to migration and the process of learning a new language can lead to a feeling of burnout. For this reason, becoming a teacher again can be seen as a remote possibility. And they have to leave their teaching profession, which they have been doing with love and look for another profession.
Based on this, we organized this program with the idea of building common bridges by bringing together those who are teachers in their own country but cannot continue their profession in Finland and those who are teachers in Finland. We believe that it will provide a different perspective to teachers in Finland and hope and support for those who have not yet started their profession.





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