World Refugee Day

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20th of June, World Refugee Day,

Message from Together Platform regarding World Refugee Day.

…I once was dreaming to fly to other countries and see their culture, taste their exotic foods, make friendships and then to invite those people that I knew while traveling back to my lovely country to offer our hospitality, nature, food and culture. Really, that was a dream of mine and it is a dream that I hope to see one day in the future might come true. It never came to my mind that I would have had to forcibly leave my homeland to seek for refuge in another country, however it happened.

…I had no choice but to flee my homeland because of the civil conflict in my country with my newborn baby in my hug and 70 years mother in my hand so that I was expecting the younger one to build a promising life and for the older to spend rest of her life with his family in peace without worrying every single day if she may see their siblings alive at the end of day.

…First I tried my best not to leave my country hoping that one day it would end, but the war never stopped. I moved my family from zone to zone to dodge the shells of war up until I was left no other choice but to go to other countries at least to save the lives of the remaining ones because the death was inching closer day by day to those alive. I knew that the way to the secure countries is no less dangerous than staying to live under the bombs of planes. I knew that thousands of people like me have been killed in the sea before and I had to risk precarious journey to cross the huge sea, however I had only two options both having death in but the second one if I succeed I would have a chance to dream for the future again with my family.  

…Can you imagine as a mother that you cannot find enough food not to feed yourself but to feed your kids? What about when they get sick that you cannot take them to hospital, to have a doctor to examine them, prescribe them, and then to see your kids, each one of whom are one part of your heart, fade away before your eyes to death day by day. I never want anyone else in the world go through this devastating feeling as a mother. I could not bear this much heavy weight on my shoulders without any hope toward the future that I finally managed to resettle a new life in another country as a refugee.

We all came from different parts of the world, from different cultures and backgrounds. It is like a destiny you never escaped that we ended up being in another country as a refugee even though we never imagined of once. We found security and hospitality in your country. You may have faced similar incidents in the past and forcibly fled your homeland or in the future you may face it, no one can predict it. 

20th of June is the World Refugee Day which as Together Platform, we hope it brings more understanding and awareness toward the plight of people struggling under the wars, persecution, civil conflicts and human rights violations all around the world. We wish that it also helps increase the friendship and respect between the refugees and the people of hosting country.

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